BJSC Trail Report 2/17/23

BJSC Trail Report 2/17/23
At 8:00 a.m. it’s 9 degrees out with sunny skies and a high of 23 degrees for today.
Well, Mother Nature has taken a toll on the Vilas County snowmobile trail system. On Thursday, the Vilas County Parks Department issued a public service announcement asking everyone to refrain from using the Vilas County snowmobile trails until more snow is received. The main concern is for your safety, your snowmobiles well-being, and protecting landowners property.
That being said, as snow conditions vary across the county, Boulder Junctions groomers were out early on Thursday and groomed our entire trail system at the same time the PSA was released.
Officially, our trails are not closed and actually are in fair to good condition after grooming. If you haven’t cancelled your plans and are in are in our area, you can still enjoy some good riding this weekend. We can’t vouch for surrounding clubs and their trails, but ours are rideable.
As before, our trails leading into and through town are in bad shape, but once you get away from town, they improve. The trails have an icy base with snow cover, inside corners may be bare, and water puddles are now frozen smooth. Our worst area is on 15S before and after crossing Stevenson Creek. It is passable, but is down to one lane of traffic.
Be safe this weekend and check for an updated report on Monday, February 20.
Landy Roepke
BJSC Trail Manager
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