BJSC Trail Report 2/15/23

BJSC Trail Report 2/15/23
At 8:00 a.m. it’s 35 degrees out with light rain falling with cooling temps throughout the day.
We last groomed 15N/6E Monday night and 2W/8W early Tuesday morning. We did not groom since then due to the warm weather and rain. Wednesday, we had groomer maintenance done on both groomers.
We are planning to start grooming again late tonight and tomorrow morning to try to keep them rideable into the weekend.
Overall, the trails range from poor to good. The trails near road crossings, open areas, and traveling through town are poor with most of the snow and ice melted away. The woods and road routes are in fair to good condition.
You will encounter icy or bare corners with snow only on the outer banks, scattered bare spots that were exposed to sun, and water puddles in low spots that haven’t frozen yet. Our trails are in typical late season riding conditions and can only improve if we stay below freezing and get some much needed snow.
Check for an update on Friday, February 17.
As always for everyone’s safety, slow down and ride right!
Landy Roepke
BJSC Trail Manager
We have 2 great fundraisers in the next couple of days!
Spaghetti dinner at the Rustic Roadhaus on Thursday 4-7 pm
Breakfast buffet at the Guides Inn on Sunday 8:30-11:00!