BJSC Trail Report 2/13/23

/BJSC Trail Report 2/13/23
At 8:00 a.m. it’s 23 degrees out with sunny skies and a predicted high of 40 degrees.
Last night we groomed 11 and 15S and early this morning we groomed 8E. We are scheduled
to groom 2W, 8W, and 15N tonight and that will probably be it for grooming until Thursday due
to the warm temps and rain predicted for Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday.
Over the weekend, our groomers reported very rough trails upon going out to groom. Without
any new snow in quite some time, they flattened them out as best as they could, but with the
warm temps and the sun being out, they don’t last long.
Overall, the trails are in fair condition with some good sections especially on our road trails.
Trails near road crossings and traveling through town are bad with most of the snow and ice
melted away.
Check for an update on Wednesday, February 15.
As always for everyone’s/ safety, slow down and ride right!
Landy Roepke
BJSC Trail Manager