The Boulder Junction Snowmobile Club is

Dedicated to Promoting Snowmobiling as a Safe and Exciting Winter Sport

Established in 1967, the Boulder Junction Snowmobile Club proudly grooms and maintains 128 miles of trails in Boulder Junction Township. Between offering snowmobile safety classes, numbering trail intersections for efficient location of accidents, and keeping up with repairs on trail bridges, the Boulder Junction Snowmobile Club does everything it can to ensure the trails are safe for snowmobilers.

Latest Trail Report

BJSC Trail Report — Thursday, January 18th, 2024

Last night we had our monthly Vilas County Alliance of Snowmobile Clubs meeting.

After much discussion on the condition of our trails, the majority of the clubs voted against opening the trails at this time. The major reasons were based on safety due to the rough conditions and providing a quality trail system that Vilas County has been known to provide in the past.

Vilas Couty Park & Recs Department will be sending out a PSA this morning indicating the trails will remain closed.

We will monitor the weather and as soon as we receive favorable snow, we will reconvene and have another vote.

Think Snow!

Landy Roepke
Boulder Junction Snowmobile Club Tail Manager

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